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Genetics - eye color?

In sheep, eye color is controlled by a single gene with two alleles. When a homozygous brown-eyed sheep is crossed with a homozygous green-eyed sheep, blue-eyed offspring are produced. If the blue-eyed sheep are mated with each other, what percent of their offspring will most likely have brown eyes? Please explain.Genetics - eye color?

brown eyes: BB

green eyes: bb

blue eyes: Bb

if you cross Bb with Bb:

25% brown

25% green

50% blueGenetics - eye color?
Gary is incorrect in the terms of this question. Blue eyes are a recessive trait in humans, but the way the question is worded, the blue eyes are not recessive in sheep. In this case there would not be a dominate or recessive gene, as a combination results in a different trait, making neither dominant. I often saw this example used with red and white flowers making pink flowers. I think this is called co-dominance.
0% will have brown eyes.

A sheep with brown eyes carries two traits; a dominant and a reccesive trait. These can be represented with the symbols B for brown eye color, and b for blue eye color. Now a parent can only pass on one of these. This is more easily shown with a punnett square. But either way, every sheep will have two traits that manipulate eye color. The combination of a Bb (blue from one parent, brown for the other parent) would result in a brown (B) eye. This is because blue eye color is recessive amongst sheep (this also holds true for humans). The only way a sheep could have blue eyes would be if both parents carried the recessive blue eyed trait and they both passed it on. The offspring would have the bb combination as opposed to the Bb combination that the parents had, meaning they will always have a blue-eyed baby if they mate with a sheep that also has blue eyes.

Answer in short: 0% brown-eyed offspring will result from the mating of two blue-eyed sheep.

What eye color is this?

there's no green, too light to be hazel....What eye color is this?
They're gray eyes.

Gray eyes change color according to surroundings, which is why his eyes look grayish-blue. And he appears to have some green around his pupil. Gray eyes usually change between green and blue, so that makes sense.What eye color is this?
The middle looks kinda like a light green mixed with a little gray. The outside looks like a grayish blue. I really think there's some green in there wow, weird eyes. That's cool though, it's unique when your eyes are indescribable. Normal colors get boring.
maybe a really light blue.
they are really pretty... but i would say a light blueish greenish with a little grey lol
i would say this color is probably really light blue or grey.
my mom has that eye color but she calls it hazel or blue
gray with a very small hint of blue
a blueish gray
like a blue-ish grey?
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  • Best eye color for a girl (guys!!!)?

    Guys, what do you think is the best eye color on a girl?Best eye color for a girl (guys!!!)?
    Whatever suits her.

    I personally like brown eyes though.Best eye color for a girl (guys!!!)?
    bloodshot from smoking bowls
    dark brown
    Blue. Though I'm not a guy, I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    blue or green but i don't judge girls by their eye color
    I like girls with 2 different colored eyes, like one blue, one green.

    Not a deciding factor by any means. I just find it intriguing for some reason.
    Sorry not a guy.. but a lesbian. I think blue or green eyes are sexy. I'm quicker to notice a brunette with blue or green eyes.. but really whatever color is her natural color.
    green definatly.......if u havnt notice everyone these days seem to have brown eye.............
    blue becuase everyday i come home and see my amazing girlfriend in the eye ';her natural pair of blue eyes'; . it makes my day just like that.^^ lol.
    Light brown or green
    blue or gatorade riptide rush white
    Blue, or green ( because its rare )
    light brown or green
    Her natural eye color. Whatever it is.
    oooooooo how about grey hehe that would be awsome...........
    Ocean Blue鈥?/a>

    the blue of the water, it makes a girls eyes stand out and gives the kind of '' pretty '' look.
    i like big brown like with a little green in them or dark brown or sometimes blue
    all of the above
    i love green eyes
    depend watever
    I know you meant this question for a guy but I say brown. lol
    Blue is cute... hazel is sexy... and green is hot my opnion... but i think it has to match their hair, so contacts dont always work
    blue or brown. blue is hot though :D
    It depends on her looks.
    Light blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Green, Greenish Blue
    normal color is the best :) no doute!
    WHO CARES!!!!!! Eye color is eye color...

    No eye color is better that the other...

    Baby eye color changing?

    Yes, their eye color usually changes as they grow.Baby eye color changing?
    Yeeess.Baby eye color changing?
    Why don't you tell us? You're the one with the baby!

    Hereditary Eye Color?

    I was wondering what would cause my eyes to change colors. When I was a baby I had dark blue eyes with a ring of light blue in the center and now they are a light grayish blue with a ring of yellow. My mom has hazel eyes with a ring of orange around her eyes, and I'm told my grandmother had the two colors also. So is it hereditary? Is it normal? Anyone else have that?Hereditary Eye Color?
    It's hereditary, but the answers are a lot more complicated now than it used to be thanks to advances in understanding genetics. It used to be thought that there were two genes, a recessive (blue) and a dominant (brown) one, that determined the colors of your eyes.

    Now they're discovering that eye color has a lot more factors in it, partially from environment (similar to skin color, that's why people near the equator have darker skin/eyes than people who live farther away and don't have as much exposure to sunlight), and partly from diet (although you don't want to mess with this, because a poor diet results in sickly eyes, not to mention damage to your body).

    But genetics plays a huge part, and ultimately it comes down to what your parents had.Hereditary Eye Color?
    It is hereditary, it is normal and I have it too.

    I am doing a math survey.... whats your eye color? plz anwser i need 100 anwsers!!!?

    BLUE!I am doing a math survey.... whats your eye color? plz anwser i need 100 anwsers!!!?
    darkk brown :]I am doing a math survey.... whats your eye color? plz anwser i need 100 anwsers!!!?
    Dark green.
    dark brown
    turd aka brown

    this is hard to be the best answer if you have 100 answers to get y not make it 50 or 20 or even 10

    will the teacher know if you make it up ? if you cant get 100 answers then if i were you make them up for defo good luck hope you get loads xx
    brown...cuz im full of sh*t...can i have best answer please??? i need points.
    light brown
    hazel. do i get a prize for 100th answer?
    a sortof olive like green
    Hazel Green
    brown, you can not see it in my avatar.

    What eye color do you like to see on a bf/gf?

    It's always hard for me to tell......Cause of the sunglasses...

    ; )What eye color do you like to see on a bf/gf?

    It's all this bleach I've been putting on my hair. I am forgetful......

    Thank You!

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    What eye color do you like to see on a bf/gf?
    Blue or green/hazel (very sexy)
    green, darkbrown , blue is nice really doesnt matter
    A dark green, eve nthough my girlfriend has brown =)
    Brown or blue, well actually it doesn't matter.



    I think brown eyes are soooo gorgeous! =D

    deep %26amp; warm eyes
    Blue, followed by a rich green and a deep violet
    blue or green
    I like guys with black or brown hair and blue eyes...very hot!
    brown, i just think brown eyes are really pretty
    Blue, that's my boyfriend's eye color!!!!!! ^_^
    I like brown eyes or blue eyes depending on the race of the girl
    green or blue

    anything but brown, cause my eyes are brown and i think they're boring
    blue or green ;)
    blue light eyes if they have dark hair. otherwise brown.
    brown or green
    love blue eyes with dark hair....
    green first then maybe blue a dark deep brown also
    Light brown like mine ;)
    Any color that looks human. e
    brown and blue
    brown or green

    (i have green hehehe)
    I feel the eyes are the most important physical feature on a person. Nothing takes my breath away like gazing into a beautiful set of green eyes.
    blue, but it doesnt really matter as long as they have a great personality.
    color doesn't matter. The eyes should have beautiful shape and he should have meaningful eyes.

    I hate stupid eyes.
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